A Board Game for Chromecast

Do you enjoy Electrical and Computer Engineering as much as we do? No? Or maybe, you just don't know it yet. Grab some friends, a tv, a Chromecast and an Android phone and start building your own winning circuit today!

Circuits: A Board Game for Chromecast requires critical thinking and logic in order to win. It gets you accustomed to complex logical interactions as you play.

Here is how you play. The board displayed on your TV is 7 tiles by 7 tiles. Place wired tiles on the aforementioned board to complete an electrical circuit. Align the inputs of the tiles to outputs already on the board. The wires on the TV are animated to show you the direction of the flow. Can you build a winning circuit?

Circuits? Wires? Tiles??? Overwhelmed?

Try the FREE in game tutorial!

The tutorial walks 1-4 players step by step through the rules of the game. It allows players to practice placing tiles, moving tiles, and shows how each different type of tile can be used. It even includes some puzzles to play solo or cooperatively at the end!

Once you complete the tutorial build circuits in 3 different game play modes. In any mode your circuit must light the LED at the center of the board. The LED only lights when it has a green wire as an input. Wires can be in various states and each tile placed manipulates the color of the wires around it. The board displayed on a TV using Chromecast is shared by all players and updates after each action.

Is complex logic and quick thinking your thing? Try Puzzle mode. Puzzle mode is for 1-4 players cooperatively. The game includes several pre-defined puzzles and more can be purchased for a minimal fee.

If you want a slower paced game with up to 4 players Turn-Based is your cup of tea. Each player has an unlimited amount of time to place a single tile before play moves to the next player. Do you want to block your opponent or build up your circuit? Maybe you can do both at the same time!

Do you prefer chaos? If so Free-For-All mode is your friend. Compete with your friends in a 4 player match to place your tiles as fast as you can. Keep your eye on your opponents because they might have a better plan to complete the circuit than you!

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